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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) as its name suggests, is a system used to manage your relationship with customers. It is often thought of as a system for recording Telephone conversations and Meetings. However, the power and benefits of CRM are often seriously under estimated.

Field Sales Managers tend to rely on a hand written diary or an Email Calendar to managed their appointments. The Head of Sales and other Senior Management members are reliant on the Field Sales Managers producing Monthly written reports to keep abreast of activities and Opportunities.

A properly configured CRM system can be a valuable tool for the Field Sales Teams enabling them to manage their territories and provide easy access to Sales Leads, Opportunities, Marketing Campaign metrics.

Although primarily known as Customer Relationship Management many of the features can be equally as relevant to managing Supplier relationships.

Customer Relationship Management

Is your Sales Team effective?

Are they spending too much time "Cold Calling"?

Are they spending enough time "Face to Face" with clients?

Are they planning their workload?