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EOS Consultancy Ltd is an independent consultancy business which aims to help you get the maximum benefit from improved processes and Business Systems.
With over 30 years experience in both Commercial and IT Business Systems roles we believe that we understand the requirements of modern business and pressures of making the right business decisions based on accurate data.
Large companies with full IT/Business systems resources often suffer from Data Overload. It is too easy to find yourself in a position of reporting data in so many ways that you lose focus of what is important to the business

Whatever the size of company it is vital to focus your resources to give the best possible return.

Whether it is Monitoring performance against KPI's, managing Marketing Campaigns, Sales Leads and Opportunities or simply ensuring that you have accurate and easily accessible reports we believe that we can help .

As an independent consultancy we can chose the right solution for you.
Many Small to Medium sized companies have limited IT/Business Systems resources and believe that systems such as Data Warehousing and Customer Relationship Management are beyond their reach.